Conference and Awards shows

Conferences are great for getting the infomation you need to a big audience of people.  Awards ceremonies help showcase your pride in people / products, this helps with moral and promotion!  Where Entire Production Services can come in, is providing you AV screens so that everyone can see the product / slide shows.  We can even mix slide shows with live camera work.  On top of the the most important thing is to be heard, we can help with that, using good quality speakers and microphones (check out the sound tab in services).

Be Seen. We are also able to offer you staging so that you can be seen at the back of the room, Lighting is also important, if you want a stylised award ceremony the venue florences won't give it that extra sparkle unlike our lights with our lighting technicians, alternatively a basic lighting package will help light up your speakers, and keep the rest of the room dim to help with your clientele's focus on your or the screens.

We see lots of people using music stands to hold their notes.  Why not have one of our amazing looking podium's.

Zoom meetings appear to be one of the latest crazes.  Why not still have full production with uplighters, one of our backdrops, keeps the focus on you not people reading your book titles on the bookcase behind you.