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Entire production Services can cater for different environments from a simple spot light to a wash of light, through to a large concert and theatre shows.


We mainly stock LED lights, which are low power, very bright and versatile.

We have some great uplight's, which can be used around a room to change the rooms colour, to either match the theme of your event or we can control the colour to make the room come alive!


We have lit many events, e.g. weddings, and even lighting up beer barrels at a beer festival! We can provide lighting to assist DJs to get the right tempo and mood for the tracks been played.  


From standalone lights that can stay the colour you require or flash and squirl around the room, through to providing a technician to bring the lights in time to the show.


Lights can be hung on gantries or trussing, or on plinths to match the main décor of an event.

We also have pin spots, which are great for lighting up tables helping change the ambience of the room.

Not only do we cater for big events, we also have small house disco lights.